NYRR Millrose Picture


For over 100 years the Millrose Games has served as one of the premier indoor Track & Field events in the world.
Throughout its illustrious history, the Milllrose games has played host to the biggest names in the world of track and field. The Wannamaker Mile, the blue ribbon event of the meet has seen some the most historic and greatest mile races ever staged.

In 2011, Ray Flynn was named as the meet director for this prestigious event, now held at The Armory Track & Field Center in New York City.
Flynn Sports is proud to be associated with the Millrose Games and works alongside the Armory foundation to ensure that every year, the meet continues its traditions of greatness.

We strive to ensure that the events staged are at a world class level and highlight those athletes that are invited to compete.
Staging a meet that is both exciting, and draws a large crowd is important, as we strive to highlight the athletes themselves as the stars of the show.
New York is the media capital of the world and to have our sport on center stage in this great city, is an opportunity for all involved to benefit from the exposure it brings.